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With more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of wireless portable sound system, HYLEX now delivers the most versatile battery operated RF combo wireless portable sound system in the world. RF for both indoor and outdoor applications and IR for indoor multi-adjacent room interference-and eavesdrop-free secured application. In the school application, cassette tape is still widely used due to its easy and straight forward recording and playback functions. Thus beside the more popular CD player, an option for Cassette deck is still available for this group of user. For the more sophisticated tech savor generation, a MP3 with built-in 64 MB memory and a slot for SD card is also available. Audio link allows the inter-connection of wireless portable sound system unit with up to 6-8 SLAVE units to from a large network of amplified speakers. In order to do this, the MASTER unit with the audio sources (wireless mic, wired mic, cassette, CD or MP3) is connected to the SLAVE unit via the ACTIVE OUT connector. The ACTIVE OUT of the SLAVE is then connected to the ACTIVE IN of the next SLAVE and so on if more SLAVE units are required. With years of manufacturing experiences in portablePA system, Hylex is confident that its wireless portable sound system will satisfy you!

Wireless Portable PA Amplifier SeriesUHF Portabe PA Amplifier Series

Wireless Portable PA Amplifier Series

UHF Portabe PA Amplifier Series